Overcome During the Hardest of Times...
Did you know, you can be battle ready? You can get ahead of the problems and circumstances that tend to take you down emotionally? You can be full of peace and faith even during the hardest of times?
Join 40+ authors and Christian leaders as we talk about our own hard-fought battles - and how we overcame them through Christ. With so many sessions, there is a topic for everyone...
Don't miss out! This event will help your heart really believe: God really is bigger than every battle you face.
Adrienne Young
Anna LeBaron
Bonnie Gray
Celeste Gonzales
Cherie Lowe
Christi Miranda
Debbie Kitterman
Donna Sisler
Elisa Morgan
Erica Renee Moore
Erin Odom
Gwen Smith
Heather Funk Palacios
Jan Greenwood
Jenny Randle
Joanna Weaver
Julie Stephens
Kat Lee
Kelly Balarie
Kendra Elliott Tillman
Kim Breuninger
Lisa Whittle
Maria Furlough
Mary Southerland
Michelle Bengtson
Michelle Myers
Mike Berry
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
Neena Perez
Nicole Unice
Brittany Ann
Sally Burke
Sarah Beth Marr
Shannon Ethridge
Sharon Hodde Miller
Sharon Jaynes
Susie Larson
Suzanne Stelling
Suzie Eller
Trillia Newbel
Wendy Davis
Linda Evans Shepherd
What You Get with the All-Access Pass:
  • Learn detailed strategies, life-changing scriptural truths, and daily applications to stand firm and full of faith during trials.
  • 40+ "Free Session" interviews with Christian leaders and authors. Address your specific need.
  • 40+ "Practical Application Sessions" by those who understand your specific struggle - exclusive content just for All-Access Pass members!
  • Membership site access where you can watch all the interviews as many times as you want, whenever you want - for a full year!
  • Instant access to the membership site once purchase is complete
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Here are the Practical Application Sessions You'll Be Getting Access to When You Upgrade:
- Think In a Way to Conquer Challenges with Kelly Balarie
- The Relief of Seeing Beyond Yourself with Sharon Hodde Miller
- What to Do with Christi Miranda
- Getting Stronger in Faith with Nicole Unice
- Winning Strategies in Battle with Jan Greenwood
- The Practical Side of Dealing With Finances with Erin Odom
- There is "Life" in This Season with Mary Southerland
- Finding Real Hope in the Midst of Disaster with Gwen Smith
- How to Draw Near to Others with Donna Sisler
- Beat all Shame, Once and For All! with Neena Perez
- Understanding God as Provider with Kelly Balarie
- Moving Beyond "What You Do" with Jenny Randle
- Finding Peace that Covers a Hard Past with Susie Larson
- Becoming Mentally Healthy with Heather Palacios
- Resting in God's Timing & Plan with Trillia Newbell
- Grab God's Hand & Walk to a New Future with Anna LeBaron
- The Two-Sides of Prayer with Elisa Morgan
- How To Stop Making Fear-Based Decisions with Maria Furlough
- Gaining Courage after a Season of Discouragement with Kendra Elliott Tillman
- How to Cultivate Intimacy with God with Julie Stephens
- Making Your Vision Happen with Michelle Myers
- How to Deeply Encourage Others with Debbie Kitterman
- Real Ways to Overcome Fear that Stifles with Roshanda Pratt
- Setting Boundaries So Love Thrives with Kim Breuninger
- Seeing The Good in the Bad with Celeste Gonzales
- Looking Past the Seen to the Unseen with Wendy Davis
- Beating the Enemy at His Own Game with Kelly Balarie
- How to Heal Broken Intimacy with Shannon Ethridge
- How to Build Confidence with Sharon Jaynes
- How to Slay The Debt Dragon with Cherie Lowe
- How to Calm Stress with Bonnie Gray
- How to Heal Your Heart with Erica Renee Moore
- Clear-Cut Ways to Ditch Your Distracted Life with Joanna Weaver
- The Transformation Found after Great Losses with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson 
- How to Connect with God in the Morning with Kat Lee
- Spiritual Warfare Strategies with Adrienne Young
- How to Learn Obedience with Suzanne Stelling
- 3 Ways to Bounce-Back No Matter What you Face with Kelly Balarie
- How to Really Live All-out Love with Suzie Eller
- Practical Ideas (that work) to Recover Joy with Michelle Bengtson
- Learning to Pray with Power with Sally Burke
- Heal Your Insecurities So You Can Really Step Out with Sarah Beth Marr
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